Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 3

Time to get ready for Day 3 of the side gig event. My feet are aching. My back is aching. And I'm tired. But, I still have much to do! I haven't yet reached my goal for the side gig event this weekend. I need a big push today since time is starting to run a bit short. Yesterday the booth was a bit on the over crowded side and since I'm not the type to push I didn't have quite the day I'd hoped for yesterday. Ill need to raise the bar a bit.

 However, new day, new possibilities. I'm really looking forward to a bang up day! And then of course this evening, I'm hoping for a WIN in the big game (Alabama/LSU for those of you that aren't into college football!)!!!!! Wish me luck!!!! (and Roll Tide!)


  1. You're doing fantastic for as much work/stress as you're under! You can do the rest. Hope the game is awesome to close out this weekend. Best of luck.

  2. Thanks! Saturday at the side gig was FABULOUS. Saturday night watching the game, not so much. Lost 9-6 in OT --- we need a kicking game and some serious help on special teams! Roll Tide anyway!