Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Expensive Month

For the second year in a row, May is turning into a very expensive month. Last year, it was the Princess's graduation, graduation party and birthdays and Mother's Day. My bank account was screaming for mercy by Memorial Day.

This year, May looks to be just as expensive! My niece's graduation, my nephew's 21st birthday, my other niece's birthday, Mother's Day --- plus the fact that baby clothes are so dang cute (as we anxiously await my newest niece's arrival in September). Plus Thing 1 was way past due for a hair cut. I let them go all summer short on him. Fortunately he feels like he looks rather dapper!

It is only the 11th and my bank account is already going "OUCH!". And to compound matters, it looks like we are due for another wave of cold weather starting Monday as overnight temps dip back into the 40's. In Mid-May. In Alabama. Ridiculous.

I'm just hoping that June is a bit easier on us!


  1. Come on North and get warm! Now there is an oxymoron......

  2. I'm in lower Ontario and we're having a few cool days as well... but my heat is OFF and staying that way! lol!!

    Sounds like an expensive month... :( Ouch is right!