Monday, May 6, 2013

The Heat Is On (Literally)

This is the month of May. This is Alabama. I should NOT have to have the heat on in the month of May in Alabama. It's just not right. I was thinking towards the end of last week how nice it was that I'd gone a full week without having to use the AC or the Heat at all. That's what I get for thinking....

Saturday morning dawned rainy and cold. We managed to get through the morning a bit chilled, but not too bad before we headed out for shopping and then for my niece's graduation party. When we finally got home Saturday evening, the temp inside the house was 61. It was way chilly and dropping (and yes, we Southerners whine about 61 being COLD). So, I gave in and turned on the heat. IN MAY. IN ALABAMA. Grrrrrr.

I had hoped that by today, I'd be able to flip it back off. No such luck.... it is still rainy. And chilly. The kind that sets in on your bones. Is a real spring too much to ask? I'm starting to think maybe so!


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  1. I just keep telling myself, I wont complain about the high 50's degree in May. Because I know I'll be begging for it when it turns to 90. So for now, I'll do my best to enjoy it because summer will surely not delay.