Monday, May 27, 2013

Before & After.... The Under $300 Makeover

When we moved into this house, the Princess was 12. She liked funky colors. Bright colors. Sparkle and Bling. She's 18 now, and her tastes have changed. So, we decided to update her decor and give her a whole new look.

This is her room before --- the pic was taken at night, so its kind of dark, but you get the idea....

While I wish I had an unlimited budget, I just don't so I had to figure out how to redo her room without killing my  bottom line. So, we started on Pinterest to get ideas for the look we wanted. We sent stuff back and forth to each other and finally decided on a color scheme and a general "feel".

Then we had to get to shopping..... back in December, while Christmas Shopping, I went into Z Gallerie and found THE PERFECT comforter and dust ruffle, etc. Only problem? The comforter itself was $350 --- never mind shams, dust ruffles etc. Sadly, I had to pass. A few days later I found a similar look comforter at Steinmart. Woo hoo! It was only $50 for Comforter, Dustruffle, Shams and Throw Pillows. Much more in my comfort zone. I picked it up and brought it home.

I found curtains at Kohl's that would work well (she insists on super dark curtains for sleeping -- and since it helps my power bill, I'm good with that)

Our "Plan" was to redo the room in January. But then my my Mom had her car accident and the plan got bumped back. Then I was going to take my birthday off and the day after and bump it up to the three day weekend --- but a work trip got thrown in there and the Princess had an opportunity for a vaycay... so I finally just bit the bullet and planned to do it over the span of two weekends.

I was able to ease up the pressure on the budget a bit by asking for Lowe's gift cards for my birthday (for the paint and related supplies). Yeah, that's totally NOT for me, but it made ME happy. I also was able to reuse all of her furniture, and repurpose some things from other areas of the house.

So, anyway, it broke down like this....

Comforter - $50
Curtains - $50
Organizational Items and Misc - $100
Paint and Supplies - $99.17 (had to paint some furniture too -- not just the walls)

After the gift card was applied, I actually only spent $200 to get from the Before to the After:

And now.... I'm worn slap out! Going to be an early bedtime for sure! (


  1. WOW!!!!! Great Job... and it is beautiful

  2. Looks great! Very different! And it's a steal for this comforter!

  3. Wow, that is quite a change. That comforter and pillow set looks fantastic, and what a steal. Gotta love when you find a good or even better alternative to something you had your heart set out! Can I borrow you to help me find some curtains? Haha. Hope you get some rest. You deserve it.

  4. Thanks y'all. It took some patience. If we hadn't had a plan in mind and a very flexible time table for getting it done, it would have cost a lot more. As it was, I was basically able to find exactly what I needed. You can barely see it in the picture, but she has twin size futon in there. The cover is purple. A new cover for it would have cost over $100 and that was NOT in the budget. I made do with wrapping it with a thin black quilt I found for $15 and pinning it securely on the back. Looks really good.