Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beyond Busy.....

Wow! I've been super busy this past week. Last weekend was spent getting the Princess ready to go to Tampa to visit my brother and his wife for a week (she's traveling with my Mom). We also cleared everything out of her room to get it ready to paint. And I mean everything. My living room is completely filled with her furniture and all of her "stuff".

Then I had to get ready to go out of town for work. We aren't back to normal, but we did get an opportunity to go and do some of the work we normally do, and it was fantastic! Since the Princess was gone too, though, I had to board the pups. Two pups, both on meds.... well that was expensive!
I managed to reduce my travel costs some though. Our hotel serves dinner in the evenings --- nothing fancy, but good enough that you can eat for free and not incur that expense, as well as breakfast in the mornings. We got off of work kind of late on Thursday evening, but my boss picked up my tab since it was my birthday!

I'm back home now, and will spend today painting the Princess's room. Hopefully tomorrow getting her stuff moved back in. And Monday will likely be spent getting my house and yard in order. Right now though, the Princess is enjoying Disney World with her Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle and cousin... and I'm about to pick up a paintbrush. Something is wrong with this picture.....

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  1. Happy Belated B-day! Enjoy painting....crank up the tunes and have fun!!!