Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just A Few Groceries

I love that lately Aldi has been running a lot of mark-down specials. Basically, they get products in for their "special features" that run on some sort of theme, and then a couple weeks later, run them deeply discounted to get them out the door. As a result -- I've seriously stocked up on their "Deluxe" versions of Mac & Cheese for .69/box. Anyway, I just needed a few things this week, but took advantage of some of those mark downs too. This is what I got:

4 Deluxe Mac & Cheese
2 Fit & Active Tomato Soups
Sweet Potatoes
Onion Powder
Fit & Active Drink Mix (their version of Crystal Light)
Sea Salt
Shredded Cheese
2 Fit & Active Weight Loss Shake (4 Packs - their version of Slim Fast)

Spent: $26.32


  1. I wonder, is the Fit&Actice drink mix similar tasting as Crystal Light? I've had no success finding a sub for them yet. Store brands are pretty much colorant and sugar with a bit of off flavor!

    1. The Fruit Punch tastes the same as Crystal Light Fruit Punch --- that tends to be the flavor we buy..... I, personally, can't tell the difference between the two.

  2. I didn't know they had Fit N Active Tomato soup! I was just at Aldi and spent $130! I stocked up on their baby back ribs for $2.99 lb. LOVE it!

    How are the weight loss shakes? Filling?

    I'll have to look next time for their perogies too! Sounds like you did great at only $26.32!!

  3. They don't have the Fit & Active Tomato soup all the time -- its kind of one of those "sometimes" things.

    The weightloss shakes are good (as far as those things go), the Princess will drink them before her work shifts.