Sunday, May 5, 2013

Shopping With The Princess Is Dangerous

So, Friday we found out that my brother and his wife are expecting a little girl, due in September. We are absolutely tickled. Little girls' clothes are so fun --- and we haven't had a little girl in the family to shop for since The Princess. She's 18 now. I already knew that I could get myself into trouble shopping for baby clothes. What I didn't realize was how dangerous The Princess would be!

The Princess and I stopped at Target yesterday to each pick up a few things. We split up to get the stuff we each needed to get. After a bit the Princess called me saying that she was over in the "baby department". My mistake was going over there to meet up with her. Yikes.

We were flipping through the clearance racks..... and each of us were like "ooh! isn't this cute" and "awwww, how sweet". She did remark several times in a louder than necessary voice, "I think they will LOVE this!" --- I guess trying to make sure no one thought we were shopping for her! Ha! Anyway, after piling my cart full, we finally realized we were going to be late to where we were going and decided we needed to eliminate a few things..... that wasn't especially successful.
I just about stroked out when my total rang up at check out.

As we walked out to the car she said, "You know Mom, you really should know better than to go shopping with me." Yeah, well, NOW I know.....

Lesson learned: Do NOT take the Princess shopping with me! I mean I KNEW you don't take kids to the grocery store, but it never crossed my mind to not let her loose in the baby deparment!

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  1. Hahaha. Can't blame you there. Hopefully the totals weren't too too much, and if guilt does win over, you can always return a few things.