Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daffodils and stuff....

When I got out of the car this afternoon, I notice that I had daffodils blooming.... I intended to get back outside and snap a picture or two but by the time I changed clothes it was already dusk. I am amazed that it is still February, but Spring is seeming to want to make an early appearance. I can deal with that. I also have to keep myself in check and remember that the average last frost date for my zone is April 15! The temptation to get plants in the ground is overwhelming!

I know I have been somewhat MIA this week, but we'v had a lot going on! Princess Penelope is hunting for a part time job -- gasoline and cute shoes don't grow on trees, you know, and she wants more of that stuff than my budget has room for! I'm also starting up a small side business and have had meetings Monday and Wednesday evenings, and even at lunch today. Will have to be careful about those lunch meetings as restaurant food is not really in the budget.

Today I came home to find that Thing 2 had decided that the Yellow Pages might be a tasty snack or an interesting chew toy. (A book had been delivered yesterday and I had just brought it inside and put it down still in the bag --- BIG MISTAKE as Thing 2 seems to understand that yummy munchies are often in plastic bags) ---- little pieces of yellow paper EVERYWHERE!!!!

I'm on the road for work but I have a busy weekend ahead --- must clean out my home office to properly get my side business going, clean the house spotlessly in anticipation of my IT guy from work coming by to get some stuff fixed on our computer, lots of yard work and grocery shopping!

I think I need to make a big huge list!


  1. Tell me about it....I'm moving tomorrow!

  2. Wow! Tomorrow!And you have massive amounts of stockpile to move! I don't envy you that!