Thursday, February 10, 2011

The winter storm that wasn't.....

This has been a weird winter. Alabama is just NOT supposed to have snow on the ground six times in a winter. Quite honestly, I'm sick of this winter thing.

So yesterday the forecasters were once again predicting a winter weather event.... enough that my boss had me reschedule my planned travel for today and to make everyone ransack the grocery store for milk, bread and eggs. Got home yesterday just as the first flakes were falling. And it snowed. And snowed.

I woke up this morning to a glistening world of white everywhere except the roads. Woo hoo! No snow day! No stuck in the house when I have a jillion things to do at work! No "OMG! A snowflake! Let me drive my car into a ditch!" No getting further behind because of snow days and leave work early so everyone actually makes it home days! No massive weather event. Woo hoo!

Come on SPRING! Come on daffodils and forsythia and azaleas and crocus and hyacinth! Bring me spring and flip flops and tank tops and lazy evenings sitting on the porch. Winter, please go back where you belong. You've worn out your welcome here.

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  1. AMEN! We live in the south. We are bred to like shorts, bare feet, tank tops, sweat, fishing, lemonade, bbq and homemade ice cream.