Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ten Days

Ten day. That's how long its been since I went to the grocery store. Again, the cupboards are showing it. So, toay is the day. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get excited about any of the deals I see in the Publix ads this week. I know some of the problem is that the computer that has the printer attached to it is not linking up to the internet, so I am missing some really fantastic printables which would make some of the deals better.

Another part of it I think is frugal fatigue. The two months since Christmas have seen extreme belt tightening due to the oversized natural gas bills and some other things I didn't really plan for. All in all, it seem like very little progress with a whole lot of sacrifice. And yes, I'm whining.

So, I'm making my grocery list right now because I have to go to the store in just a bit. I think I will just do a trip to Aldi because, as I said, Publix just doesn't seem to have a single thing we need on sale, and I think I'll do better overall at Aldi. On the other hand, I have some specific items I need to get to make some pineapple and kiwi salsa, and if Aldi doesn't have those in stock, I'll have to go to Publix anyway! At that point, I wll probably be more than irritated with myself! Maybe one last look through the publix ad....

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