Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not the most stellar week for sales....

So I'm pouring over the Publix ad for the sale that starts tomorrow. And there's NOTHING in it that I'm excited about. I will often try and do a "mini" trip to Publix on Wednesdays because that's when they do the mystery penny item. Usually, I will just run in after work and pick up my favorite sale items and the penny item and then do a larger trip on the weekend when I have more time and I'm not quite so worn out.

But I'm looking at the ad and really nothing is falling into the "stuff we need" category. Maybe I'm just tired this evening, or maybe nothing is really all tht great this week. Whatever it is, its going to have to be a darn good penny item tomorrow to get me into the store!

Maybe I'll just put the grocery shopping off until the weekend....


  1. Have you not seen the Italian days sales???

  2. Actually, I have --- but they are just not exciting me. Maybe its just that I'm worn out or whatever. Maybe once I have the sale paper actually in hand instead of looking at it online, it will gel better for me. I hope, because since I only spent about $12 last week, we probably need a few things.

  3. We use canned tomatoes ALL the time! So I buy them by the boatloads. And they are a good pantry box item for our food pantry.