Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just a quick little trip to Publix

So the new Publix ad came out today. This week doesn't look particularly exciting to me, and for the most part we are well stocked today was just a quick dash in after a long day on the road.

So, here's what I bought:
2 Ben & Jerry's pints --- BOGO made them $2.08 each
2 Crystal Light -- BOGO - $2 each
1 Publix Diet Lemon Lime Soft Drink -- today's penny item
1 12 pack double roll  Angel Soft  -- $5

I didn't have much in the way of coupons... .50 for the tp, which doubled, and the penny item coupon. That's it.

Grand total -- $13.29 spent (including tax), saved $11.89.

Obviously, the Ben & Jerry's wasn't a "need", but Chunky Monkey is my absolute favorite ice cream ever and Princess Penelope simply adores Creme Brulee --- so a small splurge doesn't hurt, right?


  1. I've not tried either of those flavors. But the Creme Brulee sounds divine!

  2. It totally rocks. I just gained 5 pounds just thinking about it!