Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Squeezing That Grocery Budget

Previously, I had my grocery budget at $200 per month for two people and two pups. I was consistently going over that budget because I just didn't pay enough attention. When I cleaned out the pantry and fridge at the beginning of January, I threw away a FULL bag full of stuff that had expired. I was so busy stuffing my pantry with the "good" deals I had to have to justify the $200+ grocery budget, but I wasn't USING what I was buying. A full trash bag? That's just insane.

So, I cut back the grocery budget to $160. And I still went over that budget --- but at least I stayed below the previous $200! However, cutting back the budget made me actually have to get creative and try some new recipes based on what I had....one of those was a major fail but the rest had pretty good results.

Today, I came home from work at lunch time and had some soup that has just been sitting there in the pantry, but that I never was really "in the mood"  to actually eat. The pickins were slim enough that I ate the soup for lunch... and even if I wasn't "in the mood" for it, it was perfectly fine for a quick lunch. Maybe not having a jillion choices in front of us will lead to less waste and a better budget.

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  1. One thing I do to help keep things turning over is I give boxes away to people that need help. With coupon shopping I have actually started a food pantry and with a little help from others and coupons, we have given out probably at least thirty boxes. PLUS all of my family and friends got goodie boxes for Christmas instead of presents. There was probably at least $75 worth of stuff in each box. So even though it wasn't a fun, cool present, in the end it was the gift that kept giving every time they went to the store and didn't have to spend as much :)