Sunday, February 27, 2011

February = Bust

I've run the final numbers, and once I finish paying bills tomorrow, and spend no other money, I will be $142 OVER my February budget. I will be transferring money from savings. I had hoped that with it being a "short" month, I might be able to actually come under budget.

However, the gas bill, the life insurance I didn't budget for, the nail in the tire and the fact that with the skyrocketing gas prices, we decided to go ahead and fill up our cars yesterday instead of waiting until March 1, all combined to just blow the budget out of the water.

The highlights (and lowlights) are like this:

Power: $11 under
Natural Gas: $94 over
Groceries: $20 over
Clothing: $46 under
Entertainment: $22 under
Gasoline: $56 over
Misc: $154 over

Obviously, I have some work to do.

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  1. I will tell you a secret of something I have started to do :) But you will have to email me so everyone doesn't know! april (dot) patel (at) gmail (dot) com.