Saturday, February 5, 2011

Restocked, but well over budget.

I'm starting to think that the grocery budget I have set for us is just not "do-able". I finally restocked the fridge, freezer and pantry, but I spent over HALF of my monthly budget doing so. (Uh, hello? It is only February 5!!!!!) Granted, I don't think we will eat all of this in the next two weeks, but I know I will need to purchase addtional items throughout the month.

I had the most success at Publix today where I spent $40.31 for $94.66 worth of groceries. The biggest portion of that was dairy products: shredded and block cheese, yogurt, sour cream, coffee creamer (definitely necessary since I kicked my starbucks habit) and stuff to make quick lunches at home. And I must confess, some snacky stuff for Princess Penelope and her friends to scarf down during the Super Bowl.

Next stop was Aldi, which is, fortunately, right across the street from Publix! There I picked up meat, milk, eggs, (more) cheese, buns, zucchini, onions, lettuce, grape tomatoes, pasta, tortillas, baking mixes, mixed fruit sack, cream cheese and a couple of pizzas. Grand total there: $45.85.

All told, that means that I only have $73.84 left in my February grocery budget. I think I may have been too ambitious, but I'm going to try and stick it out and see if I can make it work at least in a short month!


  1. I'm not sure what lists and budgets and meal plans you use but I do a couple things that help me.

    1) When I first started coupon shopping I only bought things that hit the $1 or less list with a coupon. I stocked up on them slowly and before I knew it...full everything!

    2) I try to get free hygiene and household items by using CVS and Rite Aid programs. It's kind of like the stockpile grocery theory. You pay a little bit up front for a long term investment gain.

    3) I sacrifice some luxury food-i.e. snacks, favorite dishes and labor intensive or ingredient expensive meals for the first few months of stockpiling. Then when one of those things we love does go on sale while a coupon is out-JACKPOT. Then we don't have to go without it again :)

  2. I do the CVS thing too --- I'm pretty well stocked on the health and beauty and cleaning stuff --- its the food items that were running a bit low --- I keep a price book, so I generally know what my stockup price is -- and I know what my "okay" price is --- my motto "don't pay full price for ANYTHING"!

  3. Ok, I didn't know how new you might be to coupon shopping and stocking up when prices are low :)