Thursday, February 3, 2011

February is not going as planned....

After yesterday's lunchtime fail, I made it a point to go home for lunch today for a fabulous lunch of leftovers from last night's dinner. As I walk out to my car, I notice that the left rear tire was kind of low. Closer inspection revealed a screw stuck in the tire. Joy.

Fortunately, the place I get my car worked on is actually between my house and my office, so I scooted by there as quick as I could get there. Fortunately they were able to plug the tire. But that was $16 I wasn't planning on spending this week.

Ugh. February's budget hemorrage needs to stop NOW.


  1. If you buy your tires at a Wal Mart and pay a one time fee of $9/tire you get lifetime maintainence for the tires and lifetime balance and rotate. Anytime you have a flat...FREE!

  2. I got mine at Costco (well rather, my Dad did, a combo birthday/Christmas present a few years ago) and we do have the road hazard coverage, problem was, Costco was too far away at the time and it was either plug the tire or change it (not fun to change a tire in a suit and heels). So, I paid this time -- and hopefully there won't be a next time!

  3. Oh I would have done the same thing....I don't do tire changes well :) I am a feminist but I believe I've earned the right to choose to want to cook and wear heels and the man can change tires and look manly while doing it :)