Friday, February 18, 2011

It Would Have Been Fun

Several of my co-workers organized a bowling night tonight. Let me tell you, I am TERRIBLE at bowling. I mean I am a 40-years-old-but-still-suck-with-bumpers type of bad bowler. But I always have a ton of fun being lousy at it. So, when they first mentioned it, I was completely game. But then I crunched the numbers.

Can't do it. Things are just way too tight right now. Am I bummed? Absolutely. Do I know I made the right decision. Again, absolutely. It's just not nearly as fun being good as being bad.


  1. Awww we were going to bowl tonight, too, but we're sick :( So you could just hang out online with me :) LOL.....

  2. Well, on the bright side you didn't embarrass your self in front of co-workers ;-)
    AND... you are strong enough to stick to the plan that will get you there! That shows your strength and determination!

  3. Excellent point! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!