Saturday, July 23, 2011


$6.35 --- that's exactly how much I have left in my grocery budget for the month. Today is July 23. I have 8 days left in the month, and I have $6.35. I will absolutely be SHOCKED if I manage to come in at or under budget this month.

A few things that might help though ---
1. Princess Penelope is at the beach this week with her Dad.
2. I will be traveling for work four days next week. (I'll be able to avoid grocery spending, but unfortunately not eating out spending).
3. My hotel has complimentary breakfast. (that's one meal per day)
4. My hotel has an evening happy hour with complimentary appetizers and beverages (I can SO make a meal of wings, celery, fruit and cheese and crackers, so I only have to tip the girl that's serving the beverages!)
5. It is much easier to forage in the pantry and fridge to throw something together when its only me in the house.
6. I don't mind repeated leftovers!

In other budget news, my dining out budget is off the chain this month, however, a good deal of that was overnight travel for work (covered by per diem) or day trip travel (which will be reimbursed). I actually ended up spending less than I anticipated for eating out when we were in Atlanta last weekend! Let's hear it for a late lunch, having those leftovers after the concert AND free breakfast in the hotel!

The spending on gasoline is still ridiculous, between Princess going to her Dad's, our trip to Atlanta and high gas prices, but we are still below where we were last month!

Power bill is still high, but the focus I had on cutting energy costs have paid off some.

I'm still crunching my numbers to determine how much I can throw at Credit Card #2 this month -- but since I've paid off Credit Card #1 - I'm anxious to get this bad boy GONE! I'm sick of looking at it!


  1. Oh yeah, it definitely sounds like it's in your favor to be under budget this month ;) Good luck!

  2. Wow, $6.35 is not much at all. BUT, it's just you, and that's a good thing! You can do it! :)!

  3. You can do it! I've put my family of 5 on a $50 budget for everything this week, including gas. No going into town (yes, I live in the country) unless we have to and eating from our stockpile of chicken, chicken and more chicken! Can't wait to see if you accomplish your goal!

  4. Oh you can do it! Just don't go to the grocery store and destroy your giant stockpiles-- this is what they're for!

  5. So far, so good! Tonight I'm having a leftover hamburger and baked beans from 4th of July. I froze them in individual portions.

    I'm stocked up on the necessities and will take some snacks on the road with me this week (to curb that "I'm in a hotel and can't decided if I want sweet or salty, so let me just both from the vending machine!" type of urge.