Sunday, July 24, 2011

Prioritizing the Day

I had planned to spend most of my weekend doing yard work and cleaning house. I got off to a great start yesterday, spent 4 hours in the yard, mowing, weedeating, deadheading, weeding the beds and cutting stuff back. Then the heat & humidty got pretty unbearable so I went inside to shower off and get busy inside the house. Problem was, once I had cleaned myself up, I was compeletely worn out and highly unmotivated.  I did some piddly things, but for the most part, I was just too tired to completely commit myself to all the stuff that needed to be done inside.

I NEED to get the house spic and span --- I'm heading out of town for work for a few days this week and I hate coming home to a messy/dirty house. I've got a office/craft room that isn't even functioning because everything is just piled in there. With Princess Penleope out of town, messes won't be recreated minutes after I've cleaned everything up. So, if I'd just DO what needs to be done, I could actually enjoy it for a few days. So, I reprioritized my weekend. The weeding in the back yard is just going to have to wait. I want my house sparkly, and I want it sparkly NOW. So, I've bumped the yard to the bottom of the list and I'm attacking the mess and clutter inside the house with gazelle like intensity. I will feel about a million times better once I deal with the stuff that keeps staring me in the face. A cluttered house = a cluttered mind. Time to deal with it all! Wish me luck!

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