Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

We returned home today from our whirlwind trip to Atlanta. We had an absolute blast! We hit the road around 7 o'clock yesterday morning all bright eyed for our adventure ahead. Of course one hour into the trip, we stopped for the requisite bathroom break. When we went to get back onto the interstate, I got on going in the wrong direction! No, not in the "everybody screaming because I'm heading into oncoming traffic" direction, but I got back on headed back to Birmingham. Whoops. Have I ever mentioned that I get lost on straight roads? And I had a GPS with me. We turned back around at the next exit. Sigh.

Anyway, we got to Atlanta and went straight to the World of Coca-Cola -- we've been there before, but not since they basically re-did the whole thing. On the plus side, there is more to see and enjoy. On the negative, initially we were herded like cattle into a room filled with memorabilia (that was cool) but had to listen to an annnoyingly chirpy hostess tell us about almost every single piece on the walls. Then we had to watch a "musical" with odd characters that really didn't make a lot of sense. Oh, well, when we were released from the cattle call, we were then free to tour the rest of the World of Coke at our own pace. I highly recommend the 4-D film. All three of  us enjoyed that immensely! I also liked watching the history of Coca-Cola advertising --- including the horrible decision back in the 80's to foist New Coke upon an unsuspecting public! We had a fabulous time --- and the World of Coca-Cola was totally free --- as I paid for our admission using the My Coke Rewards points! Well, it was free until the Gift Shop -- and that's a whole other story.

Afterwards we went to Johnny Rockets (yes we have those here in Birmingham but that's what the Princess wanted for lunch and it was her birthday trip). We took what we didn't finish in go-boxes for later. We were eating lunch around 2:30 so we were still full at suppertime. We then checked into the hotel, took advantage of the pool for a bit, then cleaned up and headed to the Britney Spears concert! We had an amazing time! I will say that it was an excellent show! However, I would give it a PG-13 rating --- if you have really young Britney fans, I wouldn't recommend it.

After the concert, we ate what was left of our lunch and hit the hay. This morning we enjoyed our complimentary breakfast at the hotel and headed back to Birmingham. As soon as we got back, I placed the order for the senior portraits of Princess Penelope, picked up the pups, and came home!

My checkbook is screaming after the past 24 hours, but everything was paid for in CASH (or rather in debit card). No credit cards were damaged or injured in our whirlwind Birthday with Britney Bash.


  1. I will die drinking Coca Cola. It's the one sugar item I can't shake from my diet. I so want to visit the Coke museum!

    Huge pat on the back for paying for your entire vacation in cash. The rest of America needs to learn from your example. Starting with me. :)

  2. Thanks! Of course now I have to be very careful the rest of the month to be certain I don't spend any more $$$!