Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Closet Meltdown

As I packed for my business trip this week, I pulled item after item out of my close to decide what to pack. I've repeated this scenario several times over the past few months. And I came to a conclusion. I am SICK of my clothes. A lot of them are starting to show wear despite always air drying because of heavy use. Especially my work/going out clothes. While I have added to Princess Penelope's wardrobe, I have added precious little to my own in the past few years. I managed to pick up a few winter pieces for work a few weeks ago at Banana Republic (on super, super clearance). But for summer, I have added essentially nothing! I tend to have a hard time with summer clothes because so many in the stores are sleeveless --- and while they would be comfy....I consider my arms to be a particular problem area, so I limit the sleeveless to tank tops I wear around the house. I've shopped garage sales and thrift stores this summer, but haven't had much luck there.

I need some wardrobe therapy. I need to figure out what basics MUST be replaced, and what I need to add to make my wardrobe more interesting. And I need to figure out how to do it on the cheap.

It is probably a good thing that it started storming when I pulled into town yesterday evening, otherwise I would have probably been tempted to do some retail therapy. Shopping out of frustration won't help my ever beleaguered budget!

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