Sunday, July 3, 2011

Way too Early in the Month for This Kind of Grocery Spending!

Is it just me, or are the grocery coupon matchups not what they were? In the first two days of July, I've spent almost half of my monthly grocery budget! I'm going to have to really rein it in or I'm going to be wickedly over budget for the month --- especially since it is almost time for me to buy another 52 pound bag of dog food! That's always a good $26 dollar hit to the budget! (I tend to buy one brand in bulk because I don't like to switch their food too much, however, if I can score dry food for cheap like I did today, I just mix it in thorougly to the bag and it doesn't seem to upset the pups' tummies!).

Anyway, I went yesterday to finish getting what I need for the several cookouts we are going to this weekend plus a few other things....

2 Publix Lemon-Lime Soft Drinks
1 Nesquick chocolate milk (I don't normally buy this, but a coupon plus a plea from the Princess and I went ahead with it)
1 Wavy Lays
1 Adams Flea & Tick Mist (a manufacturer coupon plus a publix coupon made this $10.79 item only $4.79! and fleas have been an issue this year)
2 Bush's baked beans
1 Publix Red Beans
1 Iams weight control (a $5 off any manu coupon made this .79)
1 Lance Cracker Creations
1 Heluva Good Onion Dip
1 Broccoli Florets
2 Emerald Trail Mix
1 Reynolds Wrap
4 Ramen Noodles
1 Bertolli Pasta Sauce
2 Emerald Nuts
2 Publix Cheesy Shells
1 Gatorade
3 Mueller's Pasta
1 $50 Shell Gas Card

Spent: $85.37, Saved: $47.77

Actual Hit to Grocery Budget: Spent: $45.37, Saved $37.77 -- or 43%

What REALLY kills me though is that I forgot to get toilet paper even though it was on my list! I ran into someone I knew on the paper products aisle and started chatting, and then forgot to get the TP! So that means another trip to the store! Ugh.


  1. Oh, Sass, I WISH I could spend that little! :)! Hopefully your food will last you a while. Food is expensive!

  2. Of course, I only have two people in the house, so that makes a big difference!

  3. We spent $46 today at Kroger. I had to say no to the Oreos my husband wanted to pick up. I figured I would be the one to eat ALL of them and they were $2.70 which is pretty high (and they were marked on sale!!). :)

  4. It is always a very, very sad thing to have to say "No" to Oreos. That is one cookie where the knock-offs just aren't anywhere near the same!