Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boredom = $$$


After a long week of work ups and downs, teenage angst and stressing about letting the Princess do a solo road trip (she did make it there safely, by the way), I got home from work tired, out of sorts and at loose ends. There's a ton of stuff I need to do around the house, but motivation just wasn't with me yesterday. So, I piddled around a bit, snacked my way through the evening meal and basically accomplished nothing. I was bored. And unmotivated. And then I got a phone call --- a couple of friends were headed to our usual mexican eatery, and did I want to join them. Well, I've already eaten (if you call potato chips and an apple dinner) "Oh, come on! Just come for a margo!" Well, okay. So I change back into suitable for public attire, fluff the hair, touch up the makeup, and I'm out the door in 10 minutes (lots of arm twisting there!) I get there, order a margo, and proceed to spend a very enjoyable hour and a half chatting and laughing with old friends. One of those friends picked up the check for the drink because "I'm a cheap date." --- ha. Then we decide to go for ice cream, or yogurt or whatever. Since my incredibly healthy (ha) dinner was now wearing off, I of course am all in for getting some ice cream. (the fact that it was a jillion degrees outside probably factored in to that a bit too).

So we decide on one of those serve it yourself yogurt places that has fifteen billion different toppings available -- where you pay by the ounce! Let me just say that those can get pricey.  I'd like to say I went for something healthy-ish, low fat and covered with fruit.... but no, I went for a red velvet/cookies & cream combo with marshmallow cream and gooey caramel topping --- and added in some coconut, pecans, maple walnuts, snicker bars and cheesecake bites on top. Yum. And OUCH to the wallet! When I got up to the register to pay --- my total was $5.78! For one small bowl! Considering I normally only buy ice cream and frozen yogurt when its on a BOGO sale --- and I have a coupon, this was a teensy bit painful.

So today, I don't care WHO calls --- I'm staying home. I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to get some stuff done (after one more cup of coffee). And I'm giving my debit card a much needed break.

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