Thursday, July 28, 2011

I've Lost Track

I was going for 10 no spend days this month. And now, I have no idea how many I've had. Yesterday was a no spender, even with being on the road for work. (Big free breakfast at the hotel, granola bar and bottled water for lunch and munchies from the manager's reception for dinner!). But otherwise I've lost track. I'll hav to go back and read through this blog to figure out where I stand, although I still don't think I'll hit 10.

Which is why that $6.35 is such a big deal! I need to meet at least ONE goal this month! I'm tired of setting those goals and blowing them. So, grocery budget, take note, I'm planning to kick your butt. (Okay, a few dollars under budget isn't really kicking butt, but you know what I mean!)

Y'all have a happy Thursday!

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