Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ready for Home

I'm ready to go home. I've been on the road since Tuesday. This is my third night in a row in a hotel. I had hoped to get on the road and head back early this afternoon, but that did NOT work out.  At this point, I am ROAD WEARY. I'm tired of traveling. Even with racking up 2 no spend days this trip (yes! today was another no spend!),  I'm sick of the road. I sleep like crap in hotels. I want my own bed. I can't get my room any warmer than just above freezing. My back hurts.  Mobile is the rainiest city in the U.S. and this week, I understand why.

I miss my pups. I know they are safe and sound and having a super blast with Brave Friend, but I miss them and I'm ready to have a pup curled up at my feet. I miss Princess Penelope, however to be honest, she still won't be home from the beach until Saturday.

(Sorry for the whining, I'm just totally over being a road warrior this week)

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