Sunday, July 31, 2011

Good-bye July!!!!! And Good Riddance!

I just can't tell you how excited I am to see July come to a screeching halt! I am over budget in almost every single category --- except groceries --- and I made that by $1.85. Gasoline - over. Clothes - over. Entertainment - over. Power - over. Water - over. Veternarian - over. Phone - over. Miscellaneous spending - WAY over.

Natural Gas - under. Amount to credit card #2 - under (but only because I didn't have enough to put as much towards it as I wanted!). Car Insurance -- under (my monthly bill went down $6.46 and I have no idea why).

And none of the expenses listed above include the car repairs! Right now, my Dad is covering all of the costs, and then when we have a final tally, I will take the $$$ out of savings and reimburse him. (This prevents me from having to draw out any more than absolutely necessary).

Its time to buckle down (hmmm, have you heard THAT before?) --- well this time I mean it!!!!!

I am so glad July is now behind us! August has GOT to be better, right? I hope? How'd your month turn out?


  1. I hope that you have a better August!

  2. Sass,
    July was expensive! Of course property tax was due ($2800.00), vacation expenses ($3000) ouch!, and medical co-pays (???let's just say it was a lot). We even ended up spending nearly $900 on food. There, does that make you feel much better??? :)! AND, that included my week of a fiscal fast! Good grief.

    August WILL be better, I'm willing it so. :)!