Monday, July 25, 2011

Success and Failure

I really have been trying to get some No Spend Days under my belt this month. It has not been easy. So far, I've racked up 6 ---- my goal was 10. Now, if I counted the days I traveled for work and only spent money for meals (which I get reimbursed for), then I'd have 8,  However, that seems like cheating. So, 6 it is! I think today, I can probably have a no spend day. However, I'll be on the road Tuesday - Friday and its unlikely any of those days will be no-spends --- a girl's gotta eat! So, its looking my goal for this month may be a bust. That's the failure part.

On the success end of things, my house is now freakishly clean (with the exception of the office/craft room). I skipped yard work yesterday and really worked my behind off getting the house clean. I'm talking move furniture around type of clean. Last night I sat down on the couch and basked in my success of the day --- no spending and the house was all sparkly. It will be so NICE this week to come to a clean house, and know that next weekend I can focus on the yard work and the office work. Woo hoo!

Today of course, is Monday. And it will be a busy one. Since I will be out of the office for 3 1/2 days, I basically need to fit 5 days worth of work into 1 1/2 days. Someone might be working late! I was hoping that today would be another no spend, but alas, I've got to swing by the vet, and get Thing 2 her meds. We're down to 4 doses and that means she'll need them when I'm out of town. So, a spend day it is!

I hope your weekend was great and the week ahead brings much success! For now, I'm grabbing another cup of coffee and getting ready to face the day.

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