Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Deals Only Shopping Trip at Publix

Its Wednesday again, so that means penny item at Publix. I do love the penny item! Even when its not something I need or necessarily want, I generally try and take advantage of it --- because its always good to have a few things on hand for school sponsored food bank drives!

While this week's ad wasn't stellar, it did have a few things that worked for us --- The shelves were cleared on the Kibbles & Bits BOGO, but I made certain that I picked up a raincheck this time (I'm ALWAYS forgetting to get those rainchecks!)

1 Hartz Dog Treat
2 Dove Antiperspirants --
2 Pedigree Jumbones (Thing 1 and Thing 2 do happy dances over these, and they ONLY get them when they are BOGO + a coupon!)
2 Hormel Compleats
2 Crystal Light Canisters
1 Publix Salad Dressing (penny item!)

Spent: $13.02
Saved: $19.60 or 60%! Not too shabby.


  1. Do you ever do the Target deals where you can stack a Target Q with a Manufacturer Q? Sometimes you can get really good deals there too. This week I got a free t-shirt, pens, scotch tape, sharpie markers. I also got V8 for .99 a bottle!

  2. My Publix doesn't consider Target a competitor anymore! :-( They haven't for about a year and a half. I miss those days!