Friday, July 15, 2011

I Should Not Go To Parties Unattended

My BFF is now selling Mary Kay. They are great products and I have always really liked what I have bought when I've bought Mary Kay. Princess Penelope adores the eyeliner. Its pretty good stuff. So when the BFF had a Mary Kay Open House Party tonight, OF COURSE,  I went!

My plan was to buy Princess Penelope another eyeliner and that was it. IF ONLY it had worked out that way! I bought the eyeliner. But I also bought a liner and shadow duo, a lip liner, a lip gloss, and a three shadow set. There's a reason why these direct sales work. Because you get there, you try the products and you ADORE them! And you get hooked.

Next time, I'm taking someone with me who will snatch the checkbook away!


  1. I clear my throat. I sell Mary Kay. Well, I used to sell Mary Kay. Now I just keep active so I can still get everything half price....if you ask nicely I will extend the discount to you :)

  2. Ooooh! I LIKE discounts! :-)

  3. I am lucky that I don't go to these parties often. I just went to Tastefully Simple, and spent $35. Goodness help me if a friend has a Silpada party.....I will be up the creek!


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