Sunday, July 3, 2011

How I Got Here


Today I was diligently working on shredding stacks and stacks of old credit card and bank statements when I stumbled across a statement for Credit Card #2 from 9/27/07. I realized that it wasn't just trips and soccer and necessary stuff that drove my credit card balances so high, it was thoughtless spending that did it. In one statement cycle, I added $547.58 to that credit card balance --- and very little of it could even remotely be called "necessary".

Here's how it plays out:

1. McDonald's - $7.86
2. Piggly Wiggly (grocery store) - $27.10
3. Texaco (gas) - $29.59
4. Texaco (same day means this was probably snacks inside) - $9.82
5. Guthries (chicken finger place) - $14.87
6. WalMart - $34.22
7. Sweet Peas (Garden Shop - given the time of year, probably pansies) - $9.65
8. Total Skin & Beauty (this was actually necessary as I was having a suspicious looking mole removed) - $61
9. The Shoe Department - $9.78
10. Lowes' (I have no idea)- $44.26
11. Post Office (stamps)- $ 13.95
12. TJ Maxx - $285.48

OMG! That was completely ridiculous! I just spent money I didn't have like it wasn't an issue! I didn't even have a really decent paying job at the time. What was UP with my 2007 self??? Glad that my 2011 self is much more controlled (well at least MOST of the time!)


  1. It's amazing how it adds up, isn't it? I am recovering from foolish spending habits also, and I'm still afraid to look over my old statements to see just how bad I really was! I'm glad you're doing better these days! :)

  2. It was definitely an "ouch" moment to be sure!