Monday, August 1, 2011

School Registration


We are up all bright and early this morning for school registration. I absolutely cannot believe it is that time again! I fully expect to lay down $200 after all is said and done today. I've budgeted for this expense, I've planned for it, but since I'm still reeling from the issue with Princess Penelope's car, I'm not wanting to let go of that money!

There's lab fees, PTO dues, fees for electives, yearbook, lunches (Princess Penelope does a combo of brown bagging it some days and buying lunch on others), locker fees -- all the costs of a "free" public education.

Princess Penelope's BFF is picking her up in a bit to go get in line and get a registration number (they want to have lockers side by side), BFF's mom and I are following a bit later in order to avoid standing in the line any longer than we have to! (Let the girls do it for us!).

Still, I am just not ready for school to start this year. It seems the summer has just flown by and the things I wanted to get accomplished just haven't happened. But, enough of that Debbie Downer stuff. I need to look at it as a new beginning! Okay, yea! School registration! School will start in 10 days! Woo hoo!

Did I sound convincing?


  1. WOW, your school starts early! We don't go back until Sept 1.

  2. I also had a locker side by side with my girlfriend in high school it was fun and cute in the Fall until we broke up over Xmas... Spring was ackward, we would both get extra books to avoid each other... oh memories.


  3. @ Mysti - We don't actually start until the 10th --- but I swear, it seems to get earlier and earlier each year! She did, however, get out for the summer on something like the 24th of May. Personally, I would rather go through the end of May and start back a bit later! But that's just me!

    @HS -- fortunately in this case, BFF is Best Friend Forever and not boyfriend! If it was boyfriend, I would probably try and talk her out of that idea. ha.

  4. School doesn't start until September 6th! But "back to school festival" is on September 2nd, where festival really means bring your checkbook. I'm trying to add all of it all up before I get sticker shock. Isn't it amazing how much "public school" is costing these days??