Monday, August 1, 2011

Fingers Crossed.

I had Princess Penelope's car towed from Greenville to Birmingham today. My Dad stopped off in Greenville today to "visit" the car on his way down to the beach. He talked to the manager of the shop where it was hanging out, and they determined that all signs pointed to the car jumping time. And in that case, it would be best to have it towed back to Birmingham and let the guys that did the work last summer handle it. 

So, $455 later, the car is now sitting in the shop where the timing belt was originally replaced. After school registration (which, by the way, I shelled out $250 for), I stopped by the shop and talked to the manager. He is a really great guy and has cut me huge breaks over the years and I've never had a problem with the work done there before. He told me that if the problem was  with any of the systems replaced last summer, it would be okay. He also told me that if for some reason the towing company got behind and wasn't going to get the car here until after hours to just let him know because he would stay late to be sure it was inside the shop and not sitting out in the parking lot. (He's really great).

After the car arrived and they started looking at it, they are fairly certain it jumped time, and now they just need to find out why. It looks like it will be covered under the warranty.

Fingers crossed.

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