Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday, Monday

This weekend seemed to FLY by ---- even with the bonus of being off of work this past Friday. I got a lot done over the weekend, but there's still so much left undone. Things I wanted completed before school started back.

My office/craft room is a complete disaster. Things are just piled in there waiting to be dealt with. Part of the problem is that for some reason, it is the hottest room in the house. It is easily 5 degrees warmer in there -- and when the rest of the house is at 80, those extra 5 degrees mean it is MISERABLE in there! I really want to get it organized and workable, but until it cools off a bit I don't see that happening.

The rest of the house is in good shape so that at least is a load off. I was planning to get up this morning and water my very stressed out plants outside, but a late night rain made that unneccessary! Woo hoo!

I made an attempt to stay in touch with what was going on in the world outside my household, and quite frankly, I found it to be depressing.
The economic outlook is terrible. With the downgrading of the U.S. credit, every thing I've read indicates that one of the effects will be increased interest rates. That makes paying off my credit card more important than ever before. It also makes the whole home ownership a much more loft goal. I also made the mistake at looking at what was going on with Princess Penelope's 529 --- that just made me sick.

So, all in all, I'm in a bit of a funk over the outlook for this Monday. I wish I'd just stayed in bed!

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