Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Better Organizing and Planning Gets Better Results

Last Friday, I was very frustrated with my efforts (or rather, lack of effort) in trimiing my grocery bill with coupons. It was time to get bck to beng organized and really taking advantage of deals when I see them. So I cleaned out my coupon file, clipped three weeks worth of coupons (I often end up with two copies of each circular because my Dad passes on the ones he doesn't use -- he clips what he needs then gives me the remainder).

I also felt that since the gas card deal ($10 off of $50)was working out so well for us, I'd go ahead and get another one, for use next month (since I don't know if/when they will offer this deal again). That is going to pressure my budget a bit this month, but I'm hoping it will provide some much needed relief next month!
All told, I spent $93.57, but $40 of that was for $50 worth of gas! Here's how I did:

2 Bags Chicken enders
1 Barbers Stuffed Chicken Breast
3 Hunt's Pudding Snacks
1 Freschetta Frozen Pizza
2 Lysol All Purpose Cleaner
2 Cesar Dog Treats
2 Hot Pocket Snackers
1 Soft Scrub Cleaner
2 Pedigree Dog Treats
2 Bic Mechanical Pencils
3 Schick Shaving Gel (yes, it's men's but it does just fine on our legs!)
2 L'Oreal Skin Cleanser
1 Herbal Essences Shampoo
2 Publix Diet Lemon Lime Sodas
2 Kotex Tampons
6 Chef Boyardee Pastas
1 Kleenex Cottonelle TP
1 Always Pads (I had a free 18 ct. product coupon for this that I was trying to save for a ECB deal, however, I noticed that the package is now being downsized from 18 to 16 as both were on the shelf for the same price so I decided to go ahead and get it while I could still FIND the 18 ct)

Not including the gas card I spent $53.57, and saved $74.05.
That's a 58% savings! Much better than 40-something percents I've been cranking out lately!
Spending over $100 in one week is going to make the budget a bit tight the remainder of the month, however, I do think that I can pull this one out as I did pick up quite a few things for stock up purposes! Here's hoping!!!!!

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