Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Princess Penelope has been in the midst of cleaning out her closet and room. That's a very good thing because that place constantly looks like a tornado rolled through it.

We've got stacks of clothes, books and cds just ready to head out the door. Princess Penelope has gotten a bit smart though. She and one of her friends will be loading up her car this weekend and taking the clothes to a resale shop (which pays pretty pathetic prices, but some is better than none). They are also loading up the books and cds and taking them to another shop to see what they can for those there. And then whatever the shops don't take, she'll bring home, we'll itemize and then donate to the Salvation Army.

I'm pretty proud of her for taking the initiative to try and get some return on her (well, actually, MY) investment. Since she'll be doing all the work and the stuff is actually hers, she'll keep whatever money she gets. I'll just take the tax write off at the end! :-)

We'll see how it goes!

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  1. Pretty impressive for a teenager to take the initiative like that. Good for her.

    I've got a bunch of stuff that I'm saving for a garage sale. They are a bunch of work but last time I had one I made a bunch of money and I'm hoping for the same again.