Monday, August 15, 2011

The Cost of Cheese, and Other Skyrocketing Groceries

Last Friday, as I was doing my Publix Grocery Shopping, I happened upon the dairy case. I noticed that they had big SALE signs for Kraft Shredded Cheese, 8 oz packages. They were on "sale" for $3.00 each. WHAT?!?!?!? Rarely, do I ever pay a fraction of a penny more than .25/oz and they were asking for .375/oz.?!?!?!?!? On sale? You've got to be kidding me! Usually, when I can't find a good deal at Publix, I just pick up cheese at Aldi, but even their prices have gone up lately from .18/oz to .254/oz. I was also almost out of coffee creamer and had no coupons, and alas, no sales this week, and those prices had gone up to $2.39 for 16 oz. Yikes!

So what's a penny pinching girl to do?

I was tickled when perusing the Walgreen's ad yesterday morning, I noticed a coupon for 8 oz. shredded cheese for $1.50 each. That comes in at .1875/oz. So, while out running my errands, I pulled into Walgreen's, took my little coupon with me and came home with 4 bags of cheese (the coupon was limit 4 per purchase). Cheese tends to have a nice shelf life in the fridge, so I will probably do it at least once more this week. That total was $6.60 with tax. --- At Publix, I would have gotten 2 bags for what I spent on 4 at Walgreen's -- and it was totally NOT out of my way!

I also made a run by Aldi and picked up:

3 boxes of Shells & Cheese - ($1.29 each -- Publix brand is $1.89 and $2.89 for Kraft)
1 Vanilla Coffee Creamer (32 oz for $2.19)
Spaghetti Sauce (no huge savings here because Pasta Sauce is BOGO at Publix this week, but Princess really loves this brand)
Dog Treats --- $1.29

Spent $9.31 with Tax.

I'm seeing that I may be needing to adjust my grocery budget --- but for now, I'm going to TRY and keep to it. We'll see how that goes!


  1. We've been in PEI for the summer and the cost of groceries here compared to Ontario is astronomical. I have to just grin and bear it as there are not many places to buy food. I'll be happy for the lower prices when I get home!

  2. Wanna know what is crazy? Last week I paid 98 cents for a can of Del Monte Green Beans, at Winco. This week - $1.37! Almost 40 cent jump! It is awful!

  3. It really has gotten crazy! Its like they don't think we notice --- and if they aren't raising the prices, they are shrinking the sizes!