Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Post July Grocery Shopping

With MUCH car drama over the weekend, I almost forgot to go back to the store to to pick up a few of the deals that I missed when I was trying so hard to stay under my July grocery budget. Yes, I know this isn't the healthiest shopping trip of all time, (and jeez how much cheesy stuff can one household eat?), but it was an on the fly trip and everything I picked up was half price! I used zero coupons. And this is how I did ---

2 Ragu Pasta Sauces
4 Kraft/Velveeta Mac & Cheese
1 Diana's Babies Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas
1 Mueller's Pasta
1 Kellogg's Pop Tarts

Spent $12.54
Saved $11.44 --- this would have been straight 50% savings/spending trip except that Alabama charges sales tax on everything! Sigh.


  1. Wow, I missed a lot of posts, and I'm so glad you made your grocery challenge! Good for you! Great job on the 50% savings!!

  2. No judgement....because you don't want to know what I bought at the store today...but feel free to throw in a fruit or veggie once in awhile! :)

  3. Ha! It DOES look pretty bad, doesn't it? I did make a trip to Aldi and picked up some veggie and fruit type stuff, but I was in such a rush that day to get back to work that I basically dropped them off at the house, told Princess to put them up and didn't post up --- hmmmm.... think I'll take them out and take a pic lest anyone thinks I never buy any good stuff!