Saturday, August 13, 2011

Car Problems.... Again

Yesterday morning, Princess Penelope left for school. Not much later, I received a phone call from her. On the road to the school --- all of the lights on her dashboard had started flashing again --- and she barely made it into a parking place. Once she had turned it off, she tried to restart and there was no juice whatsoever. You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. She said that one of her guy friends had offered to jump it after school to get her home, but since it started acting up, she thought it was an alternator issue because apparetly it wasn't charging the battery while she was driving it like its supposed to! I kind of laughed at this because she is now well very well versed in what parts of a car do what --- and she pretty much learned that the hard way!

I told her to focus on trying to get a ride home and that I'd see about getting the car back to the shop. On my way to work, I stopped at the shop where they had done all the repairs and spoke to the mechanic that did the work last week. He said as soon as more of his crew got in, he'd call me and meet me over at the school to get the car back to the shop. True to his word, he called me about an hour later and we met over there. We got the car started and he took it back to the shop.

The problem was the alternator it wasn't in there tight enough so wasn't doing its job properly --- although they hadn't put in the new alternator last week (we'd had that done while the car was still out of town), he felt he should have double checked that when he'd done the timing work, so he got the alternator back in. But my battery was now toast. So they put a new battery in there too. I got a phone call that the car was ready around 2:00 --- after work and school the Princess and I went to pick up the car. They handed me the key, and what I thought was going to be bill --- but no, it was a certificate for our next oil change on the house, for our inconvenience.

Quite honestly, they are already refunding me the cost of the alternator we had to have replaced and the labor for it from when the car broke down in Greenville. Technically, since they didn't do the new work or put the new alternator in and are refunding me that money (because it was under warranty), the alternator was no longer their issue. So, again, they went above and beyond what I expected. There's a reason they've kept my business for 14 years, and why I refer many of my friends to them. While sometimes an issue does arise, they always, always make it right. They stand behind their work and go above and beyond to be sure I walk out of there a satisfied customer.

In this day and age, how refreshing is that?

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