Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Better Than I Expected!

So, Princess Penelope's car is all fixed. Yes! It was a problem with the timing belt -- which was covered under the warranty. As was the labor! AND the shop is reimbursing me for the alternator and labor I paid last summer since we replaced the alternator in Greenville (and it was also under warranty --- and I brought the bad one back to them). AND they are also reimbursing me for the $455 towing charge to get it from Greenville to Birmingham!

I simply ADORE places that go above and beyond in standing behind their work. I've used this particular shop for 14 years and they've never done me wrong. They've taken great care of me and my cars over the years -- and with this being the first time I've ever had a problem after they've done work for me, I can honestly say, I don't think I will ever take our cars anywhere else. They stand behind their work and their word.

(and can I just say.. Phew!!?!?!?!?)


  1. And THIS is why I love the south....

  2. No doubt! AND the manager called last night, just to check and make sure we were having no problems with it. And he asked me to tell Princess Penelope that if anything seems off with it, and she can safely get it to the shop, then to just bring it back.