Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Starting That Christmas Shopping

It always seems odd to start shopping for Christmas when its 90+ degrees outside. This year, however, I am determined to be sure and get as much of my shopping as possible done early instead of waiting until the last minute and therefore  not having enough cash to go along with it.

So far, I have bought presents for Princess Penelope's brothers, a presents for her to give her Dad, StepMom and Granparents on her Dad's side, something for my niece and two small gifts for the Princess herself. The "Dad's Side" of the family is one where I tend to forget until the last minute (even though I buy them every single year), and therefore end up overspending. That will NOT be the case this year!

I've also got quite a bit in Amazon gift cards saved up thanks to Swagbucks! And if you aren't doing Swagbucks, you definitely should be! Internet searching for things you already look for can net you some extra cash for Christmas (or whatever else you may need!).

I'm also thinking hard about what I can make for Christmas for people. That's a harder one because I'm not the world's craftiest person! Let me know if you've got any fabulous, affordable ideas!!!!!


  1. I love to craft...but alot of the time it is more expensive to do it as a gift. The supplies can really add up!

    One reasonable idea is the jars of cookie or soup mix...you know, the ones where they are all layered?

  2. Those are good ideas!.... hmmmm.... where can I find a good deal on jars.....

  3. My daughter doesn't give me her LIST until a couple weeks before Christmas so I haven't given Christmas a thought yet. Her birthday is in Sept. and she has a long list of items she'd like help with - a winter coat and an umbrella - that sounds reasonable:)