Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back To School Shopping and Tax Free Weekends

I took the day off yesterday. It was a great day to get lots of things done in and around the house! I spent the morning cleaning the main "visitor accessible" areas. So nice and sparkly! (Amazing how trashed it can get when one is rushing around like a mad woman day in and day out! -- of course it is amazing how much can get done when you have unexpected visitors arriving too!).

After all of that, I took Princess Penelope back to school clothes shopping. I kept my budget at $100 for clothes and we actually didn't do too badly ---- although we exceeded the budget by$10, but I can live with that. We picked up jeans, shirts and foundation garments. I sat there and and argued with myself over a dress I had had my eye on all season since it was 75% off --- and no sales tax --- then I tried it on and wasn't impressed. Even marked way, way down, it wasn't worth it. It was clinging in all the wrong places and I don't think a full body spanx would have helped it. Darn shame, because it was perfect on the hanger!

Next stop will be school supplies! I've really got to sit down and look over the various store offerings thoroughly! I won't have the time to make trips to a jillion stores, but I will look over the ads and see where I can get the most for my my money in one fell swoop.

Any suggestions?

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  1. You ddi great at $110! :) You must have found some great deals! Too bad about the dress, but some things are just not meant to be, are they?