Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Budget = Blown

I really thought I was doing okay this month. But, I wasn't keeping up with tracking my expenses like I SAID I would. And I blew it. I really blew it. Quick trips through the drive through completely threw my eating out budget out the window. I'm still not budgeting enought to cover miscellaneous expenses and gifts. And this month was a doozie! My nephew's birthday AND graduation, quarterly life insurance, ACT registration fees. And the gasoline costs. Ugh. Last fall, $100/month for both Princess Penelope and I was working out fine. That is definitely not the case anymore! Our gasoline costs alone this month were over $150. Princess Penelope's car needs an oil change. And for that matter, my car is almost due too. Thing 2's skin issues continue and Thing 1 was due for his annual exam and vaccinations.

One bright spot.... my combined renters and car insurance bill went down $3. Not sure why, I didn't think I'd see a reduction on that at all for the next forever since I have a teenage driver. The only thing that has kept me lose to okay was the fact that my natural gas and power were down this month. I don't see them staying low though, as the summer looks to be a scorcher!!!! One other bright spot: Credit Card 1 should be paid off in July! Then I'll have to get really cracking with Credit Card 2 --- I'm TIRED of being in debt! And the last bright spot: I got a raise which will be effective July 1. I figured out how much that will be per paycheck and I'm adding that additional amount to Princess Penelope's college fund. Yes, I know Dave Ramsey says to get rid of the debt first, and he's probably right. But I'd like to start her out with at least the first year paid for, and I only have one year to do that.

I'm finally starting to make money with the side gig. I do have to go back and check to be sure I'm putting enough aside for taxes. After I double check that, then I will start moving the earned money to the debt load. Phew! This is too much thinking this early in the morning!

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