Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

I hope you all have had a blessed day! I've had a good day, but really not much different than any other day. My own Mom has gone down to Miami for the week to spend Mother's Day with my brother. Princess Penelope has had a migraine since yesterday and has barely left the bed. I've done quite a bit of mothering on this Mother's Day.

Other than that, I've worked in the yard, done laundry and cleaned house. But I'm happy to do it. After the events of the past two weeks, I've really realized how blessed I am. I'm lucky to have a yard where all the bushes need shaping up and the grass needs cutting and the flower beds need weeding. I'm lucky to have a daughter, even when she feels so crappy she can hardly get out of bed. I'm lucky to have floors that constantly need to be swept of dog hair and various other things we track in. I'm lucky to have furniture that needs dusting. And laundry that needs washing --- even that favorite blouse with the salsa stain on it! I'm lucky to have my two pups that have been getting into goodness knows what today in the yard and therefore desperately need baths --- even though they had a bath 3 days ago!

So, for this weekend at least, I'm looking around with gratitude at all the things that need to be done. I'm a lucky girl.

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