Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tracking Expenses

I know I should track my expenses. I know it, I know it, I know it! I know that having to look at each expense twice makes me have to think at least twice about every penny I've spent. But I totally fail at doing so. Or, I'll just enter it all at the end of the month. That does NOT help me to consider that money as I'm spending it! I need to do better if I'm truly going to cut our expenses!

Over at Mom's Plans , she has a challenge going to track all of the money you spend in the month of May. I think I'm in on this one... I really need to make myself accountable, and maybe, just maybe, if I'm posting it up every week as a part of this challenge, I'll actually keep track. So here's the first few days of May:

May 1: $0  - I never left the house!

May 2:  $6.31 - fast food lunch

May 3: $6.81 - fast food lunch
            $60 - automatic transfer into Princess Penelope's College Account
            $180 - automatic transfer into savings

May 4: $35.81 - gas for Princess Penelope's car
            $18.96 - groceries
            $7.14 - yet another fast food lunch - I can FEEL my arteries clogging

May 5: $9 - newspaper subscription - automatic debit

This week has played havoc with my budget simply based on the fact that I have eaten out for lunch 3 of 4 days this week! That is normally not the case for me as I usually go home at lunch, but with all of the meetings we've had this week that have run over.... well, it been quick trips through the drive thru.... sigh....


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  1. I started tracking my grocery and household spending again and really see the savings. My other spending is in my money account. I'll have to check out the link you posted! Have a great week!