Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally had to do it.....

Had to break down and turn the air conditioner on. We've been blessed this spring with really mild weather (temperature wise, at least!) and I've been able to avoid it.... but then, yesterday, it hit almost 90 --- so, the AC had to go on.

I live in a 1957 house with massively drafty windows, and NO shade on the house whatsoever. (We had two gorgeous trees that provided lovely shade a few years ago, but they developed some serious structural issues, so they had to come down before they fell down). I rent the house, and the AC unit is probably close to 20 years old. Now while it would be great if my landlord would replace the entire system, the landlord is also my Dad. I pay an extremely reasonable rent for the area, and he's put a lot of money into the house already. Quite honestly, I don't want him to HAVE to put any more money into it, so I try to put as little stress on the system as I can.

The summer absolutely spikes my power bills. Remember all that griping I did in February about the natural gas bills? You ain't seen nothing yet! ha.


  1. We haven't had to use the A/C yet. Good thing because we have two window units that need to be installed again. I hate to think of the electric bill again once we do need them. I do plenty of worrying and complaining about the natural gas bills too. Enjoy your nice weather!

  2. We have central air, but its a jillion years old. Terribly inefficient..... I'm just sitting here listening to the sound of it running and running and running!