Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Unexpected Bonus

This week at work, we have our annual "All Staff" meeting where everyone from our outlying offices around the country comes to the main office for a week of meetings, and of course, the annual company picnic (which happens to feature a somewhat brutal volleyball tournament!) Its usually a pretty good week with lots of fun, food and some hair pulling meetings thrown in. Ha.

At the opening session, they usually have some kind of silly icebreaker game designed to make sure everyone mingles and gets to know each other a bit. This meeting's opening session was a bit different. We were all handed envelopes and given these long complex instructions (which had me so confused, I'm not going to even try and relay them here!) and we were told to wait to open the envelopes. When we were given the greenlight to open them, each envelope contained $500 cash! Woo hoo! Talk about an ice breaker! Of course there was the requisite note that Uncle Sam would be getting his cut, too, but that's okay.

Now, what to do with this unexpected windfall.... choice number 1 would be to apply it all to debt. That would be the smart choice. Choice 2 - apply it to two not routine expenses that I've been saving for on the side.

I think I'm going with Choice 2 --- and then the remainder will go to tornado relief. After both of the expenses are covered, I should have about $150 left. That can do a lot of good without completely throwing off my debt paying plans. Unexpected bonuses are awesome!


  1. What a wonderful surprise! Enjoy!

  2. Oh, I definitely will! I'm pretty excited!