Friday, May 6, 2011

Shouldn't Shop When You Are Hungry

Don't they always tell us that? And why do we sometimes refuse to listen? So I ran to Publix after work today. I was a bit rumbly in the tumbly. And then I ran into Brave Friend in the cookie and cracker aisle. She was buying all sorts of healthy stuff (Brave Friend eats right, works out alot... unlike yours truly). Anyway, so we're chatting, and I notice that she's got cereal in her cart that she's paying full price for (ouch) but I knew I had a coupon for it. So we chat, and I rummage around in my coupon folder. Of course every time I looked up, some other yummy goodness caught my eye!

So, I was going to get just the dog treats and a few more soft drinks..... and here's the damage to both my wallet and my waistline:

4 Publix Soft Drinks
1 Nature Valley Granola THins
2 Ramen Noodles
1 Pepperidge Farm Cake
1 Keebler JUMBO Fudge Sticks
1 Hartz UltraGuard
1 Pedigree Dentastix
1 Keebler Cheesecake Middles Cookies

Spent: $18.19
Saved: $17.20


  1. I followed your link from I heart Publix and just loved your post! I think the Granola should cancel out the fudge Come by and visit my blog :) Tracy

  2. Granola/Fudge Sticks! I like the way you think! I stopped by your blog this morning! I really like it!