Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of the Month

Its finally the end of May. I definitely had more month than money. I'm hoping that this month will be a bit more smooth. Or at least I won't be hemorraghing money the entire month! The end of the month numbers are UGLY! I want prettier numbers this month!

Since my brother and I opted not to exchange birthday gifts this year, I can cross that budgeted June expense off my list. Now if we can just get this ridge of high pressure to budge from over our state, I might just be spared from having a heart attack when I open up my power bill this month! One can hope! We received Princess Penelope's June basketball schedule in the mail. Workouts will commence next week. I do have to add in a new pair of basketball shoes to the mix. Time to start sale searching for those for certain! And she needs several new pairs of shorts.

I"m trying to figure out where I can cut expenses this month. I'm hoping my money saving mojo is kicking back in! Its time to really get serious about it! Have you heard that before?!?!?! Oh, well, I'm trying and I guess that's what ultimately counts!

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