Saturday, May 28, 2011

Job Hunting

No, I'm not job hunting -- I love my job ---and my side gig too! However, Princess Penelope is on the hunt for a job. And its been a frustrating process! Very few people seem to be hiring teenagers. And to add to that woe, many that are actually hiring won't hire until the teen turns 17. Which Princess Penelope will not do until late July.

She's looking for a job for several reasons: 1. She wants more spending money and knows I don't have it to hand out. 2. She has some things she wants and knows she needs to save up for them, and her allowance only goes so far! 3. She wants to put some money aside for college expenses. All in all, these are reasonable and acceptable goals.

Earlier this week she filled out an application to work as a hostess at a restaurant. The application specifically asked "Can you prove that you are age 16 or older?" She marked "yes". So, today, she was called in for an interview. There were 3 other interview candidates. The people conducting the interviews asked them as a group -- "Are you all at least 17?" Princess stated that she wouldn't be 17 until July. So, they asked her to come back then. She was a bit crushed to say the least.

Several things about this situation frustrate us completely: 1. The application itself made no mention of age 17, only 16. 2. On the application she was required to put her date of birth. So basically they pulled her application, called her in for the interview when she didn't even meet their most basic eligibility requirements. 3. She wasted an entire afternoon getting ready for the interview, then going to the interview, then just being shot down -- when she could have been out pounding the pavement looking elsewhere. 4. Wasted gas = wasted money. It costs way too much to run all over town for nothing.

All of this because the person in the hiring position at this particular place can't do the most basic requirements of his job -- which is actually read through the applications to be sure the applicants he is calling are indeed suited for the position. Laziness and ineptitude irritate me to no end.

So, Princess Penelope is out there again, pounding the pavement looking for a job. Let's hope she catches a break soon!

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