Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting the Shopping Done

I was watching Extreme Couponers but that show still kind of freaks me out. I like food. I like makeup. And Shampoo. And toothpaste. But I don't want to live with it surrounding me constantly. Extreme is just not for me. Princess Penelope watched a bit of it, and decided that my "stockpile" of five bags of coffee and laundry detergent wasn't as weird as she thought.

Anyway, I got off of work a bit early today, so I headed to Publix to do my Wednesday shopping. I love when I can get over there on Wednesdays!!!!! Penny Items Rock! Yes, this is heavy on crap food -- summer has now begun and I will have teenagers over constantly, and for some reason, they always want to make ramen noodles or mac n'cheese. Go figure. I will pick up produce this weekend, and right now I'm stocked on meat unless I hit an unbeatable sale.

This is how I did:

1 Tyson Annytizers
2 Gatorade Lemon Lime
1 Fig Newtons (I love these and I never see them on sale when I have a coupon! So SCORE!)
1 Ritz Crackerful
2 Kraft Salad Dressings
5 Ramen Noodles
1 Publix Window Cleaner (penny item)
2 Publix Mac N Cheese
1 Lawry's Marinade
1 Lloyds Barbeque
1 Angel Soft 12 Roll (with Bonus 20% more)
1 Wavy Lay's
3 Crystal Light Cranberry Apple

Spent: $30.99
Saved: $37.01 or 54%


  1. LOL~They make a regular stockpile look like child's play. Great job on your shopping.You didn't use any coupons? makes it even better!

  2. Oh! I did use coupons, I guess I need to make that more clear --- I just always tend to forget what I used on what! (I'm lucky to get to the store with a list at all, much less a list all perfectly matched up! But my coupons always go with me!

  3. I agree, oh my just thinking about having to live with all of that plastic and what not....

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